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SXSWedu 2015: AVID Will Be There!

By Kayla Burrow, Communications Specialist, AVID Center

“I didn’t know AVID is into music!” I’ve heard this many times since our team at AVID Center found out that we were accepted to present at SXSW® this year. Even though our AVID Elective teachers Like Big Binders and one of our assistant directors was well known as the rapping principal, we are not musically inclined enough to perform at SXSW Music; however, we will be in Austin, Texas, March 9–12, to present at SXSWedu®.

SXSWedu is a component of the South by Southwest® family of conferences and works to foster innovation in learning. AVID is honored to be a part of four different presentations this year.

Learn more about each presentation here!

  • Promoting Equity to Achieve the American Dream
    Is the American Dream truth or fiction? Based on the realities our students face, it is time to have a critical discussion on what the most cutting-edge data shows and the necessary adjustments that must be made to ensure students have the opportunity to be successful on their chosen life paths. Hear from two practitioners who have successfully used data analysis to refine their respective organizations’ interventions (Advancement Via Individual Determination and Dell Scholars). Full details.
  • Education Battlefield: Casualties Accepted?
    On the battlefield of education, is there an acceptable level of casualties? No two students come to us from the same place. Our job is to ensure that ALL students leave us at a level of competence that gives them a high predictability of success and ensures they are college and career ready. Facing the reality of our own gaps in understanding will inspire core change in our thinking and actions, resulting in higher achievement for both students and adults. Full details.
  • Crossing the Language Divide to College Readiness
    Does the barbed wire end at the border or our students’ desks? Does our work with English Language Learners (ELLs) and their families hinder or help them? We must learn from those who have crossed the language divide to succeed in college and careers. Engage in a rich discussion of best practices that support ELLs. Learn directly from ELL students and educators who have used structured supports and an asset-focused model of instruction to accelerate learning and succeed in advanced course work. Full details.
  • What a Student Needs from a Teacher for Success
    Relationships. Engagement. Growth. That is how 2014 National Teacher of the Year Sean McComb has focused his teaching and turned challenges into opportunities for all of his students. Join Mr. McComb, Maryland Superintendent Lillian Lowery, and current University of Texas at Austin student Alisa Pham to discuss the ways that classroom teachers can nurture habits, mindsets, and determination in students and how education systems can better support teachers in this work. Full details.

Will you be at SXSWedu this year, too? Let us know, so we can keep you updated on all things AVID at SXSWedu!

For more on AVID, visit http://avid.org/what-is-avid.ashx.

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