A Look Back at Key Events in Black Higher Education

AVID students from South Middle School in Lawrence, Kansas, celebrated Black History month by creating an interactive Black History Education Wall, which displayed more than 65 people, places, and events that were important in the fight for African American higher education. They created questions for each poster on the wall in a Google Form. The whole student body was encouraged to answer the questions throughout the month using a QR code, earning them school cash (Cougar Bucks), and a prize went to the students who answered the most questions.

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The AVID STEM Science & Math Summer Bridge Programs

Science teacher Malcolm McClain and one of his Summer Bridge students experiment with waves at Robert Louis Stevenson Intermediate.The AVID STEM Science & Math Summer Bridge programs are designed to strengthen students’ math and science skills and to increase the number of students who enroll and succeed in Algebra 1 by the 8th grade.

These summer bridge programs provide opportunities for students to explore math and science in high-engagement environments that are challenging, yet enjoyable for students. Each program teaches rigorous content using WICOR strategies such as Cornell notes, interactive notebooks, writing and vocabulary activities, and team building to engage students in STEM opportunities. The engaging, interactive lessons and collaborative activities also incorporate strategies that provide support for English Language Learners.

Take a closer look at the four summer bridge programs we offer. For more information on bringing one or all the AVID STEM Science & Math Summer Bridge programs to your district, please contact [email protected] or visit the Summer Bridge Resources page on MyAVID.


Special Recognition of AVID Board Member Melendy Lovett 

It is with enduring gratitude that AVID Center acknowledges the contributions of Melendy Lovett, who is retiring from the AVID Center Board of Directors after 11 years of service to the organization and to the children of our nation. With her expertise in math and science education, as well as her strong business background, Melendy guided AVID in many important directions. Above all, Melendy has always made sure that equity and achievement are at the forefront of AVID’s efforts. When she joined the AVID Center board, she was serving as a senior vice president at Texas Instruments, as well as president of TI’s Education Technology Business, where she also founded the Women of TI Fund, a nonprofit group that strives to improve math and science education for girls in middle and high school. Currently, Melendy is a senior vice president and chief administrative officer for Trinity Industries. Her accomplishments have been recognized by many, including the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame.

AVID is grateful for Melendy’s leadership of our organizational imperatives, as she always asked strategic questions, with the achievement of all students in mind. Sandy Husk, AVID Center’s CEO, noted Melendy’s accomplishments, saying, “Our staff, along with our AVID sites, districts, and especially students and their families, have truly benefited from Melendy’s commitment and compassion, as well as her great expertise in many areas. She made sure that we maintained our focus on quality and equity, as our work spread across the nation. I personally benefited on many occasions from her wise counsel. We will miss her.”

Many thanks to Melendy Lovett for supporting the AVID mission!


Don't Let Statistics Mislead You

Help students think more critically about the data they see by sharing this TEDEd video on Simpson's paradox.


5 Ways to Think More Critically 

Critical thinking skills are an important part of good decision making. Share this TEDEd video with your students to help boost their own critical thinking strategies.