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Tuesday, December 31, 2013 at 11:49AM
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As we prepare to ring in 2014, we want to be sure you don’t miss these great blog posts from 2013. Happy New Year and happy reading!

Retire The Certification Binder - Go Electronic!
By Kristin Lockwood, AVID Teacher and Coordinator, Adams City Middle School

Are you an AVID teacher who has a binder-weight problem? Learn how to help your binder shed pounds electronically!

“I knew in that moment that it was time for a major change—time to retire the binder and move into the 21st Century…”


No Excuse to Fail
By Ben Solomon, Project Manager, AVID Center

Read how Ben Solomon and his site team didn’t give students any excuse to fail.

“Everything changed when we stopped leaving excuses for students to fail. Before that, we were a good school, but that’s what started us moving towards being a great school…”


My Journey to Medical School
By Raymond Koopmans, AVID Alumnus

Find out how a former AVID student is turning his dream of becoming a doctor into a reality. 

“I was the first in my entire family to earn a high school diploma. This was not an easy task for someone like me. I had to overcome countless barriers in order to be successful…”


WICOR and David’s Pants
By Jeanie Greenidge, AVID Teacher and Coordinator, O’Banion Middle School

Teachers don’t always know what their students struggle with outside of the classroom. Read how one teacher worked to build a strong connection and became the advocate that her student needed.

 “This was unusual.  Normally, my nagging was something David would ignore but here, I could see he was choked up.  He was blinking back tears ferociously…”


Because of AVID
By Vanessa Barajas, AVID Alumna

Every year at our Summer Institutes, amazing students and teachers share their AVID stories. Read one of the most inspiring student stories from this year that was shared at our Sacramento Summer Institute.

“When I’m in AVID, I’m the true Vanessa. I am a volunteer, a mentor, a positive force…”


A 21st Century Troglodyte
By Tim Bugno, Project Manager, AVID Center

Read and consider how educators can catch up to technology. 

“There is a paramount need to help students understand that we can use technology to disengage from the class or use technology to re-engage in the course content at an unprecedented level of complexity. When it comes to the integration of technology, we need to ask ourselves, “Are we asking the right questions?”

Four Questions For... Cindy Zavala, AVID graduate
By Rob Gira, Executive Vice President, AVID Center

Four Questions For... is a new feature in our Adventures in College & Career Readiness blog! Read this interview with one of our outstanding AVID graduates to hear her advice to current AVID elective students and teachers. 

“This might be strange or hard to understand, but I absolutely love AVID even though I disliked almost everything I had to do in AVID.”

You’re Invited
By Charlie Bain, High School Partnership Specialist, CollegeWeekLive

Want to take your students on a virtual college fair? Learn how from our friends at CollegeWeekLive! 

“Each chat and virtual fair is unique; I work with each school to tailor the event to accomplish their college goals…”

Building an AVID K–20 College Readiness Community
By Dr. Fernando Valle, Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University College of Education

The AVID College Readiness System extends from elementary through higher education. Find out how this K-20 connection works in Lubbock, Texas.

“In West Texas, AVID’s college readiness efforts can be compared to a 4 x 4 relay race where AVID skills are handed from elementary, to middle, to high school to the university AVID student finishing the College Race…"


Emotional Intelligence Skill Set Development (EISSD): Key to Academic Achievement and Student Retention
By Dr. Beth Polito, California Division Assistant Director, AVID Center

Read why emotional intelligence is a key college readiness skill.

“The less a person understands his own feelings, the more he will fall prey to them. The less a person understands the feelings, the responses, and the behavior of others, the more likely he will interact inappropriately with them and therefore fail to secure his proper place in the world…”


Giving Thanks: A Reminder
By Craig McKinney, AVID Teacher and Staff Developer, Shepton High School

Read as one teacher shows his gratitude for the opportunities his family was able to give him and as he reflects on what he hopes to give his students.

“During this time of giving thanks, consider the factors that helped you achieve on your educational path.  And think about how you can be one of the people your AVID students will later thank because of the support you provided them on their journeys to success…”

Motivating Students: Could Pride Be the Best Incentive?
By Bill Madigan, AVID Staff Developer

Student motivation is one of the most challenging aspects of being an educator. Consider what you can do to increase your students’ drive to succeed! 

“The answer is simple: pride of accomplishment AND making those who care for us proud…”

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