6 Ideas to Find Fulfilling Work

Part of being career-ready is knowing what kind of work will be fulfilling. This is a great TEDEd video to share with your AVID students! For more career-readiness resources, check out AVID's collaboration with Roadtrip Nation!


Brain Myths

TEDEd takes on the myth of the left brain vs. the right brain...


Help Your Students Be More Creative (With Constraints)

"Constraints aren't the boundaries of creativity, but the foundation of it." Share this video from TEDEd with your colleagues and students to inspire a new way of looking at creativity.


Why Facts Don't Convince People (and what you can do about it) 

Here's a great video to share with your students before the next Socratic Seminar or Philosophical Chairs Debate! You can find more resources like this one on TEDEd!


Hidden Objectives

By Craig McKinney, AVID Staff Developer

What are you teaching tomorrow? If I asked you that, you might respond in several ways:

“Cellular respiration.”

“Pythagorean Theorem.”  

“Act II of Romeo and Juliet.”

“The French Revolution and the American Revolution.”

“I don’t know yet. I have to make it through today first.”

Maybe answering a question like that makes you uncomfortable. In many cases—perhaps most—we gauge our classroom experiences not by what we are teaching but by what our students are learning or doing. Teachers who want to make the learning clear to students do so by informing them of the learning objectives for a particular lesson or for a unit as a whole. Students like to be told what they’re supposed to be learning or doing so they can figure out whether it’s happening.

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