The “Not So Easy” Choice 

Kevin Hendrick is the principal for Northeast High School in St. Petersburg, Florida, and an AVID Staff Developer. At a recent AVID Senior Pinning Ceremony for Pinellas County Schools, he gave the following remarks.   

Tonight we are here to honor these amazing and talented AVID seniors as they begin to finish their K–12 educational journeys and continue their college experience.  I say “continue” because as we all know, this group has already challenged themselves with multiple college courses through the Advanced Placement program or Dual Enrollment.  Your journey, no doubt, has involved a great deal of individual determination, one of the hallmarks of AVID.  This decision to dedicate yourselves to academics for many of you has not been easy.  There are so many alternative choices for you over your high school years, and those in attendance tonight have supported you in this “not so easy” choice.  And tonight I am going to highlight some of your supporters in your school family.

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I Stopped Teaching Math and Started Teaching Kids...

Anthony Ritz was the teacher speaker at this year’s Summer Institute in Dallas, TX. Below is his speech as prepared. You can also watch his speech here!

Good afternoon.

Before I begin, please take out a piece of paper and crinkle it up.

Now, I have a few people I would like to thank before I begin.

I want to thank my April Friends, Denise Wren, Stacie Valdez, Tim Bugno, and AVID staff for this and many opportunities I have had. I want to thank my colleagues in USD 259, from Wichita, Kansas, especially my DD Rob Compton, Leroy Parks, and Eric Filippi for getting me involved in AVID. My parents are here, with 60 service years in education between them: Thank you for having me. Some of my AVID students are here as well; they are really the reason why I am up here today. Heidi, Tanya, Sam, and Travis, for coming here to support me, you are my family, too. And finally, I want to thank Tom Noonan, my work husband. He was the other AVID teacher, and we went through this journey together. We went through this journey together, and without him, it would not have been as much fun or possible.

Sitting in a café on a Sunday afternoon, I received a text message that changed my life. I’ll tell you how in a minute.

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Your Teacher WICOR Summer Homework

By Craig McKinney, AVID Teacher and Staff Developer

As school draws to a close, here are my suggestions (using AVID’s WICOR acronym) for some relaxing summer professional development for those times when you want to think a little about work, but don’t want to hunker down in full-throttle school-preparatory efforts.  

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Make the Commitment to Student Success by Taking AVID Schoolwide

by Dennis A. Johnston, Ph.D.
Senior Director, Chief Research Officer
AVID Center

This piece also appeared in our latest issue of Access, AVID’s Educational Journal. Additional publications on AVID’s schoolwide impact are on the AVID Schoolwide page. More resources can also be found on our research page.

In 2010, AVID Center changed its mission to include all students, not just students in the academic middle. This came as a result of our continual growth in the understanding of the impact AVID has on students, teachers, administrators, and institutions overall. For more than 30 years, AVID has supported secondary schools in the implementation of the AVID Elective and the training of staff in inquiry-based pedagogical strategies designed to exercise and strengthen the metacognitive skills necessary for students to engage rigorous curriculum and be successful in postsecondary education. Today, AVID has moved beyond elective classrooms and is designed to be implemented schoolwide so as to touch all students on a campus in support of our new mission.

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AVID… Hope for a Better Day, Hope for a Better Future

By Nahea Marks, Honokaa High and Intermediate School, Student Speaker, Honolulu Summer Institute 2014

Nahea Marks was a student speaker at this year’s Summer Institute in Honolulu, HI. Below is her speech as prepared. You can also watch Nahea's speech here! 

My first day of class my sophomore year, I was pretty excited. My schedule had “Col Prep” listed as one of my classes. I did not know what “Col Prep” was, but I assumed it was a typo for “Cul Prep,” as in Culinary. I’m sure the first thing everyone thinks of when they see the word “culinary” is food. That’s exactly the first thing that came to my mind. You could probably imagine how stoked I was. When I first got into the classroom there was literally nothing about food or cooking. There were college names and entrance requirements pasted all over the room. The board in the front of the room said AVID. I did not know what this word stood for, let alone anything about it.

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