The Value of Looking Back

By Craig McKinney, AVID Elective Teacher and Staff Developer

The end of an academic year is an ideal time to have a Throwback Thursday of our own—to ask our students to project themselves back nine months into the past in order to see how they’ve grown and changed as a result of being in our classes. What do you know now that you didn’t know in September? What can you do now that you couldn’t do at the beginning of the school year? If you had it to do over again, what might you do differently?

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The Real Common Core: How Loving Your Students Changes Everything

By Bill Madigan, AVID Staff Developer

According to author and researcher Dr. Lou Cozolino, “…teacher-student attunement isn’t a ‘nice addition’ to the learning experience, but a core requirement.” The first stage of engaging students in any lesson is to first engage with them as humans in this world– their stories, their identities.

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Making Connections Through Shadow Days

By Katrina Mabry-Smith, AVID Elective Teacher and Coordinator, and Lisa Davis, AVID Site Team Counselor, Timberview High School

Sometimes when we visited middle schools, the students would say, “AVID is just a middle school thing; I don’t think I’ll really need it in high school.” The middle school students tend to have a lot of questions, and it is obvious that they are unfamiliar with the challenges that they will encounter in high school. So, when we looked at our retention rates and even our 9th grade failure rates, we realized that we needed to make connections with our middle school students early!

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Freeport High School AVID graduates ready for college, life

By Cindy Scott Day, The Journal-Standard

Jeff Schierer, district AVID director and high school coordinator, gives instructions to his AVID seniors Friday, May 8, 2015 at Freeport High School. CINDY SCOTT DAY/THE JOURNAL-STANDARD

Below is an excerpt from an article that originally appeared in the JournalStandard.com. You can read it in its entirety here.

When 19 Freeport High School students walk across the stage Saturday and get their diploma, they graduate not only from high school but from AVID as well, a program that has readied them for college and life beyond the classroom.

"I love AVID," said Matthew Barber, who was accepted into the program as a seventh grader at Freeport Junior High. "Not only does it prepare you for college, with note-taking and study skills. But you also get to visit a lot of colleges. It helps you to visualize yourself there in that setting. You get to experience college first-hand." Barber will attend Bradley University in Peoria in the fall and major in mathematics. He wants to continue his education and eventually become a mathematics professor.

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Let’s Talk College Readiness: Upcoming Conference Presentations

You can find AVID Center staff and AVID educators at several upcoming conferences. We hope to see you there, too! Read below for a full list of our upcoming conferences, along with details on each presentation, and remember to check out the 2015 AVID National Conference, too! Registration is open. #AVIDNC15

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