Q&A Corner: AVID CEO, Sandy Husk

This interview originally appeared as part of the America’s Promise Alliance Q&A Corner series.

When America’s Promise Alliance’s Evelyne Santiago first interacted with AVID, she was a student at Santa Monica High School, where AVID played a prominent role in her ability to attend college. Dr. Sandy Husk has been the CEO of Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) since January 2014. Recently, Evelyne was able to ask Dr. Husk a few questions about herself, her work, and AVID at the last Alliance Trustees’ meeting.

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10 Ways to Infuse Your Final Exam Reviews With WICOR

By Craig McKinney, AVID Elective Teacher and Staff Developer

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year: the time when we all get to put aside new learning and focus our efforts on helping the students get prepared for the joy that is better known as final exam week. In our haste to finish the semester, we should, of course, never forget the importance of AVID’s WICOR strategies (writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading), so I am compiling a little color-coded list to help you plan your review activities:

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Four Questions For: Dr. David Conley 

By Rob Gira, Executive Vice President

Dr. David Conley is an expert in the field of college and career readiness, having written several books and numerous articles on the topic. Conley is a professor of Educational Policy and Leadership in the University of Oregon's College of Education. He is also the founder and director of the Center for Educational Policy Research (CEPR) at the University of Oregon and the president of EdImagine Strategy Group. These questions were excerpted from our radio interview with Conley. For the entire program, go to AVID College Ready Radio.

Conley will be a featured presenter at our 2014 AVID National Conference!

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Four Questions For: Cynthia Arellano, AVID Alumni Association

By Rob Gira, Executive Vice President, AVID Center

Cynthia Arellano is a 4-year AVID graduate of San Dieguito Academy, who then went on to receive her B.A. in Sociology and Liberal Studies from California State University, San Marcos and her teaching credential as well. Cynthia is a first-generation college graduate. She received her Master’s degree in Sociological Practice in 2012.  She has been a guest speaker at AVID events and has written and spoken her poetry about her AVID experience. She is currently an AVID and Dual Language Spanish Social Studies teacher at Meadowbrook Middle School in Poway, California. Two years ago, she became the national coordinator for the AVID Alumni Association. These questions were excerpted from a radio interview conducted last year. For the entire radio program, go to AVID College Ready Radio.

Cynthia is also a keynoter and presenter at our upcoming AVID National Conference in Orlando, Florida.

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You Just Never Know…

By Tania Litwiler, AVID Elective Teacher & Coordinator, Lompoc Valley Middle School

I could hear the snickering from the big boys at the top of the bleachers. It was the middle of our first annual Commit to Student Success Week, and I was watching our 3-on-3 basketball game. UCLA (our principal’s alma mater) vs. University of Alabama (our assistant principal’s school) was on the court, and the teams were playing to 21. The snickers were because of Dulan, who was overthrowing shots and missing every basket attempted.

Dulan, a Sri Lankan boy with an infectious smile, had been the first student to turn in the Scholar Athlete application required for participation in the game. Since I knew that many of the other participating students would be taller than Dulan, my first thought when he handed me the application was, “You will get munched on that court!” But of course, we selected Dulan to play; he was so excited, and his excitement never waned as he flew around the court with the other 3-on-3 participants...

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