Why Can’t the Whole Year Be Like the First Day of School?

By Craig McKinney, AVID Staff Developer

Two weeks ago, I started a new position as an English Language Arts Instructional Specialist after years of teaching English, Humanities, and/or AVID at Shepton High School. Consequently, Monday was the first first day of school since 1993 that I was not standing up in front of a roomful of teenagers with whom I would spend the next 180 or so days. Instead, I spent most of the day visiting five middle or high schools around the district, meeting some teachers, and tracking down everyone I’m supposed to support at those schools.

As I stepped in and out of classrooms and walked through the halls, I noticed a few things that seem to be generally true about middle school and high school students and teachers on the first day of school...

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Tips On Changing Middle School Behaviors, Einstein-Style

By Jennifer Wolfe, AVID Elective Teacher & Coordinator, Emerson Junion High School

This blog originally appeared on Huff Post Education.

I started teaching years ago, full of energy and sure I could make change happen.

Twenty-five years later, I've made some mistakes along the way, but ultimately I've had more success than failure.

I guess that's why I keep teaching middle school.

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Unleashed Potential

Monte Vista Middle School Principal, Janet Covacevich gave a powerful speech at our San Diego 2 Summer Institute. Years ago, AVID broke the cycle of poverty for her, and today, she does the same for her students. Click here for video of Janet and our other speakers from the event!

In life, we are taught that everything that has a beginning also comes with an end. For our students, success starts here with AVID. But the beautiful thing about the success AVID brings to our students is that it has no end or limits.

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AVID Grads Attend White House Summit

On July 23, AVID graduates Davana Rosas and Jackie Valles attended the First Lady’s “Beating the Odds” Summit held at the White House.

AVID graduates Davana Rosas and Jackie Valles attend the "Beating the Odds" Summit at the White House

They were part of a contingent of more than 130 students selected through a competitive process. Davana is a graduate of Monte Vista High School in the Grossmont Union High School District (San Diego County), and Jackie is a graduate from Falls Church High School in Fairfax County, VA. In the fall, Davana will attend the University of California, San Diego, and Jackie will enroll at the College of William and Mary, in Virginia. Following the event, we asked them to reflect on the experience. What follows is a compilation of their reflections. Be on the lookout for more blogs from Jackie and Davana in the future that will share more of their personal stories and a look into their college lives!

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Where are they now: Sergio’s college journey

By Oscar Sweeten-Lopez, Team Lead, Dell Scholars Program

This piece is part of a special series from the Dell Scholars Program. To learn more, visit the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation blog.

In order to save money, Sergio, now 30, started his college career at a two-year community college and later successfully transferred to a four-year university, walking out with a diploma in business administration from San Diego State University.

Many low-income students have a similar plan; relatively few actually make it work. Sergio is the poster child for carefully and successfully managing the tricky transition. With guidance from his high school’s AVID college-readiness program, Sergio was able to map out a detailed plan to ensure his finances would be in order and his community college credits would be accepted at San Diego State, putting him on a path to earn his desired major within four years. “I really had to manage everything carefully to be where I am right now,” Sergio says.

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