The Brain and the AVID teacher: the key to it all

Cornell notes, Socratic Seminars, tutorials, organization skills – all are part of the AVID college readiness system; but the glue that keeps everything together and moving in the same direction for AVID students is the AVID elective teacher. And, as campuses develop and use AVID strategies schoolwide, it’s the AVID teacher(s) who plays the key role in creating systemic and lasting change for the benefit of ALL students. What is so special about the AVID elective teacher anyway? What role does the AVID teacher play in developing brain health? William (Billy) Madigan, AVID elective teacher at Steele Canyon High School in San Diego, California, gives his personal reflection on the impact AVID has on his teaching and how that translates into what his students experience.

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Brain Week: AVID Tutorials and the Brain

Since the very first AVID class in 1980, tutorials have been, and continue to be, an essential element of AVID. But the AVID tutorial is not what most people think of as “tutoring.” Read about how the AVID tutorial impacts brain health.

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Second in the Brain Week series: Developing brains and AVID

Research on the brain, and how to optimize brain development for children and adults alike, is a popular topic of study and publications. Just this week, the cover article, "Can You Build a Better Brain?" by Sharon Begley in Newsweek magazine examined ways to increase intelligence. How does AVID stack up when examining brain health?

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Cognition, College Readiness, Adolescence: Creating a Brain Healthy Environment

This will be the first in a series of blogs this week about the brain.

The Brain
The most important part of the student body.

I imagine the text or email would read something like this:

Mom and Dad,

...When you come to visit next week, could you do me a big favor and bring my brain? I forgot to pack it!

For those of us working to prepare students for success in college and careers, understanding how the teenage brain works is critical to our efforts. In her recent article, Judith Newman gives a great description of the adolescent brain when she says, "Truth is, the teenage brain is like a Ferrari: it's sleek, shiny, sexy, and fast, and it corners really well. But it also has really crappy brakes..."

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New Year’s Resolution: Cause Good Trouble

Have you ever considered making a New Year’s resolution that would cause trouble? Greg Darnieder, Special Assistant to the Secretary on College Access for the U.S. Department of Education, recently told attendees at AVID’s National Conference to “make good trouble.” Where does this idea of getting into “good trouble” come from, and why should we consider it?

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