Change is hard, but we can make it fun!

By Tim Bugno, Curriculum Manager, AVID Center

So the old 2016 calendar is in the trash, and the new 2017 calendar of cats is nailed to the wall, encouraging you to “Hang in There!”—a grand time of renewal and starting again. Interestingly, January 1 became New Year’s Day when Julius Caesar reformed the calendar and used it to celebrate Janus, the Roman god of beginnings. Janus’ two faces allowed him a unique ability to look into the past, as well as the future. As a result of its origin, it makes sense that January became a time for us to reflect on past successes/failures and set goals about the future.

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Helping English Language Learners: From Idealism to Action

By Bill Madigan, AVID Staff Developer

Recently, as I walked down the hall at UCSD Medical Center troubling over my Achilles tendon, a doctor walked out of a door near me, clad in his blue and green surgeon’s outfit. He strode confidently by me. As he did, he glanced at my AVID staff shirt. Gesturing intensely, he pointed at his chest and heartily declared, “I was in AVID…I was in AVID!!!” Sharing wide smiles, we faced each other for a moment, and then he continued on his way. I stood stunned. His grin and passion lit me up.

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What’s Up Next?

Right now, you should text “COLLEGE” to 44044.

Up Next is a part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Better Make Room and Reach Higher initiatives.Here’s why.

Up Next is a free text-messaging tool that sends high school seniors, college students/grads, parents, and educators personalized text messages with reminders and information about the college application process, financial aid, and federal loan repayment options. Sign up for Up Next by texting “COLLEGE” to 44044, and you and your students will receive personalized support on all things college – all through texting.

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Know Before You Go – Top 5 AVID Summer Institute Pointers

By Jonathan Petrick & Melodee Morgan

I met Melodee as a participant at last year’s AVID Summer Institute (SI), and immediately, we began sharing ideas. We talked about our first SI experience of feeling overwhelmed, but energized, and began brainstorming our list of ‘musts’ that would remind us and support others who will be attending AVID Summer Institute 2016.

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Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!

By Dr. Sandy Husk, AVID Center CEO

“I touch the future. I teach.”
– Christa McAuliffe

AVID educators change lives. As an excellent teacher, you may never truly know where your influence ends because it impacts not only the here and now, but also the future.

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