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AVID Poets

April is National Poetry Month, and to celebrate, AVID Center wanted to hear from our AVID poets! We held a contest looking for poems that show how AVID helps or inspires students. More than 300 AVID Students entered the contest, and we enjoyed reading about how AVID has inspired them to achieve more and persist on their path to college dreams! It was tough to choose from our finalists, but we were able to select five winners. You can read their poems below.

Congratulations to our winners and to all of our AVID poets - you're an inspiration to all of us at AVID Center!


AVID is…

AVID is an opportunity, take it
AVID is an adventure, risk it
AVID is a challenge, meet it
AVID is too precious, do not leave it
AVID is a path, walk to it
AVID is a struggle, accept it
AVID is a guide, follow it
AVID is a friend, trust it
AVID is a rope, climb it
AVID is a sunny day, smile to it
AVID is a duty, complete it
AVID is success, commit to it
AVID is an achievement, be proud of it
AVID is a skill, convey it
AVID is just a program? Prove it

Justin Vargas
Vanston Middle School
Mesquite, TX


Road to College

AVID is cool, but you have to be smart.
Whatever you do, don’t act like Bart!
It’s a way for you to learn and go to college.
All you need is your supplies and some knowledge.
Be respectful and don’t fool around.
If you stay on track, you will be college bound.
We have fun and go on field trips
But in class, pay attention and shut those lips!

Rolando Delgado
Frisbie Middle School
Rialto, CA



AVID, Motivation, working towards success
Preparation in our lives so it isn’t a mess
Wake up in the mornings, knowing we’re blessed
Passing the tradition down to our sons and daughters
Knowing that they had a successful mother and father
Without AVID I wouldn’t be prepared for college
Taking this class made me gain a lot of knowledge

Education is the best thing we need
If we are trying to succeed
Nobody ever said it’d be with ease
But going to college would make life just a breeze

Xavier Oakley-Goodman and Brandon Seay
American Canyon Middle School
American Canyon, CA



The weight of my AVID binder takes my body down,
But AVID has taught me to never touch the ground.

AVID has taught me to keep my head held high,
AVID has taught me to reach for the sky.

AVID has taught me to never give up,
Even if times may be looking rough.

AVID has taught me to believe in me, myself, and I,
AVID has taught me to be a leader and not to be shy.

AVID has taught me to look after my grades,
AVID has taught me to change my B’s to A’s.

AVID had given me the confidence to go to college,
AVID has taught me how to absorb knowledge.

But most of all, AVID has allowed me to see,
That no matter where you are or where you go, confidence is key…

Javeria Azam
Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School
Sun Prairie, WI


Access to Success

As a child, you don’t think about it
It’s misty
It’s distant
It’s vague

But time comes around,
and flips this around
What was before unimportant,
is now the next big thing

College, so distant yet so close
I’m clueless
I’m lost
There’s no hope

But in the midst of this there is help
Information about college
Academic support
It’s all there

Alas this is a solution
And I am very lucky to have it
It’s an extraordinary program
And its name is AVID

Martin Sanchez
Potter Junior High School
Fallbrook, CA

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